Alex Moore is the American designer and metalsmith behind Gold Pan Pete Design. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Alex moved to London, England and began designing and making jewellery in 2012, being tutored by award-winning Italian jeweller Antonio De Gaetani.

Gold Pan Pete came to be after a trip to the South Island of New Zealand. Alex spent quite a few hours in various streams panning for gold, in search of enough to make a full ring. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, but it did help influence the name. And as for Pete, well, there is no real Pete. But, it does ring together well.

It wasn’t until a couple years later that Alex found out that making jewellery runs in his blood. The art of jewellery making and goldsmithing has been in his family for at least 150 years. Alex’s great great grandfather and great great uncle were jewelers when they first came to America from Germany and set up Kessler Family Jewelers. From Kessler Family Jewelers in St. Louis to Gold Pan Pete Design in Cromwell/Queenstown, New Zealand, the tradition lives on.

Gold Pan Pete Design specializes in unique, handmade designs. Each piece is individually crafted from high quality materials and although there may be some similarities to other pieces, there will never be an identical piece. His work has been described as ‘sophisticated and rustic’ and ‘a mix of elegant and raw’, but you’re free to make your own opinions.

Custom orders and ideas are always welcome, so feel free to get in touch!