• The Let Others Be Safer Ring
  • The Let Others Be Safer Ring

The Let Others Be Safer Ring



“What if every man was given a ring like this as soon as they passed through their first initiation at 14 or 15? 

What if this mantra was sown into the fabric of their being instead of what they’re learning from porn or Grand Theft Auto? 

Do you think anything would be different culturally?  Let others be safer as I walk among them. Spread the word.”

-Traver Boehm 

These inspiring words by author, Traver Boehm, instantly resonated with me as soon as I heard them. So did Traver’s book, Man UNcivilized. If it resonates with you or know a man that it would resonate with, then I highly highly recommend it. You can find it here,

  • Individually handcrafted to order 
  • Hand-Stamped 
  • Made of solid Sterling Silver
  • Available in Yellow, White or Rose Gold Upon Request 
  • Approx 10mm wide and 1.5mm thick
  • Concrete textured, oxidised and then given a final polish.